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Ego e-Cab E-Cigarette Ecab-starter Kit

Ego e-Cab E-Cigarette Ecab-starter Kit
Ego e-Cab E-Cigarette Ecab-starter Kit
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Ego e-Cab E-Cigarette
The eCab starter kit is the 5th Ego product. It came from a need to have a smaller cigarette that still carries the same punch, funcationality and interchanability that the successfull eGo-C line has. 


Its appearance is a slim sleek look and a small lighter profile gold trim and bright painted color. The eCab features the changeable atomizer head, Like the eGo-C they have taken the eCab and improved it with a changeable internal battery.  So not only you can afford-ably change the atomizer head, you can now afford-ably change out the battery as well.

The eCab atomizer head is same as Joye eGo-C atomizer head,Cone shape/Type A(Regular).

Who is the eCab perfect for?

The eCab is for those looking for a smaller sleeker more cigarette like feel. Those who wanted to vape but didn’t like the odd look and feel. The small size and fashionable look is great for easing the most skeptical buyer and the lower starter kit cost is great benefit for someone who is unsure if an electronic cigarette is right for them.


Recharging and batteries

If you have ever swapped the batteries out of a flashlight or TV remote then the eCab is going to be a breeze to recharge.  The eCab kit includes a USB charger that resembles most AA or AAA battery chargers.  A wireless usb eliminating messy wires and plugs.  And for the eGo-C veterans you can charge two batteries at once!!! Instead of carrying thick sealed batteries you can now carry small batteries that can fit neatly into a purse or pocket.  The charger light is red while charging and green when the charge is compleated.
The eCab battery is 4.2V, this is much higher than the eGo-C and eGo-T that floats around 3.3v to 3.7v.

Kit Contains:

    One eCab atomizer cone,
    2x eCab Atomizer heads,
    5x tank cartridges,
    1x Wall to USB power adapter,
    1x USB charger
    1x eCab instruction manual.
    2x 360mah lithium rechargeable batteries

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