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E-Liquid USA 30ml Whisky Taste E-Juice

E-Liquid USA 30ml Whisky Taste E-Juice
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Now you can buy Electronic Cig eLiquid at discount prices! We are happy to bring you the highest quality! We offer e smoke liquid in many amazing flavors.

E-cigarette eliquid, known also as Nicotine e juice or efluid, comes not only in different flavors but various density or strength levels. For example, our Whisky flavor e cigarette liquid delivers a sweet and enjoyable smoking experience. 

E-liquid is the best solution since it is so easy to refill your cartridges and cartomizers thus saving BIG! In the cartridge chamber is a smallfluffy pad - this pad is well moistened witheliquid containing flavor and nicotine.

Simply drip 3-5 drops of Whisky flavor onto pad to moisten it well when you want to refill your e cigarette cartridge. This is all the e Cig smoke juice needed to refill your cartridges with our e liquid Bottle! 

Six levels of e liquid density or strength are available for you to choose from on our drop-down menu:

  •     High 16mg
  •     Medium 11mg
  •     Low 06mg
  •     No Nicotine 00mg

Take advantage of our great e cigarette Liquid deals and save with the best e liquid solution available on the market!

There are two ways to refill your eCigarette cartridges:

  1.  by dripping directly onto the pad in the cartridge chamber
  2. by using a syringe with a needle to extract e-liquid from the bottle and injecting it directly into the cartridge as needed.

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